HomeSights Consulting, Inc. - Terms of Service

Terms of Service

A. Goals of the project

B. Methodology

  • Generally working via email and telephone conferences initially to keep costs down for lengthy projects such as home health agency start-ups or Medicare certification, followed by on-site training visits of 6-8 hours duration.
  • On-site consulting visits are based on 8 hours services.
  • Training telephone conferences of 1-2 hours duration with hardcopy supportive material available for download.
  • Hourly telephone consultation services when scheduled in advance.
C. Mutual Responsibilities

A comprehensive listing of HomeSights Consulting, Inc. and Clients' responsibilities provide a clear picture of the work to be done.

D. Terms and conditions

  • Fees are payable within 15 days of reception of our invoice.
  • Some projects are set-up on a flat fee, no surprises as we move along towards the goals established. These projects require a non-refundable retainer and the balance is invoiced gradually as we reach different objectives.
  • Generally, no travel expenses are charged to clients. However, when travel extends over two hours one way, lodging expenses consisting of one night hotel accommodations per day on-site, reservations made by HomeSights Consulting, Inc., and not to exceed the seasonal rates for reasonable accommodations for business travel.
  • Client is to arrange for a light lunch in the office each day of consulting services on-site.
E. Termination

Our proposal when accepted becomes the agreement and terminates when goals are met, expected to be no later than one (1) calendar year from the date of execution, unless terminated at any time prior to such termination date, with or without cause, upon thirty(30) day advance written notice by either party to the other party. Maintenance of a relationship between the parties beyond the one (1) calendar year term hereof requires the execution of a new agreement.

For start-ups, there are no termination clause "with or without cause" on behalf of HomeSights Consulting, Inc.

F. Confidentiality

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