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Existing Home Health Agencies - Licensed-only or Medicare certified

CMS has decreased the HHPPS reimbursement regularly in the past 3 years (3.79% or 0.04 case-mix points in 2011 alone). Our expertise in strategic planning can assist existing agencies recoup those lost revenues and for many, increase the profit margins.

The Federal government has recovered billions of dollars in undeserved payments and convicted fraudulent providers. Agency owners and managers cannot ignore the many laws that govern home health agencies.

If you're searching for a home health care consultant and you're already an existing agency, there is a good chance we can serve your needs. Whether your agency has a well-seasoned staff or you've only recently launched, there are a multitude of necessities which HomeSights Consulting Inc. can assist you with to position your agency for heightened success. Our specialties include:

  • Medicare Certification Application
  • CHAP or ACHC accreditation preparation and application
  • Compliance and client care outcomes improvement while optimizing net profits
  • Tested and propriety policies and procedures
  • Plan of correction development following State or Accreditation survey
  • Mock compliance and/or financial risks survey to identify:
    • Potential compliance deficiencies
    • Areas of financial risks (RACs, ZPICs)
    • Areas of liability risks
    • Quality issues
  • Plan of Correction assistance following State or Accreditation survey
  • Quality management optimization
  • Cost-effective office processes development or re-engineering (support) with maximum use of the client's Management Information Software
  • Compliance program development and training
  • Disease management tools
  • OASIS training
  • Education & Training
    • OASIS-C
    • Diagnosis coding (ICD-9-CM)
    • Clinical Documentation to support claims
    • Management by use of software generated reports
  • Provision of forms, tools, skills and knowledge tests
  • We have Identified for many clients an average loss in HHPPS fair reimbursement of $400-$1000 per episode.
  • We have shown all our Medicare certified clients giving us this mandate several areas of risks generally identified by the Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPICs), the Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) and/or the Program Safety Contractors (PSCs) auditors thus preventing significant pre & post billing recoupment.
  • All clients who requested that we perform a mock survey and followed our written recommendations passed the official survey with few or no deficiencies.
  • 100% of our plans of Corrections were accepted for those agencies who came to us for assistance after a challenging State or Accreditation survey.
  • " 100% of our clients operating Medicare certified agencies have increased significantly the use of their Management Information Software reports. This is no simple task as we have noticed repeatedly that clinical managers strongly hold to past management processes which are time consuming and not as effective.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We can assist in the following aspects of Due diligence:

  • clinical performance
  • staffing competencies & licensing
  • compliance to regulations and accreditation standards
  • pre-billing audit processes
  • evaluation of the management team on board
  • evaluation and risks associated with the referral sources (limited)