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Nationwide Entrepreneurs wanting to start a Home Health Agency in Florida

The home health care industry has been growing at an incredibly fast rate during recent years. The 78 million baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, entering into retirement and the increasing costs of hospital and other inpatient settings will continue contributing to this rapid market growth. Also into consideration is the fact that the health care market has been much less affected by preserved from the effects of the economic downturn affecting other business sectors.

We have helped Franchises or other organizations that provide skilled care or non-medical services nationwide in obtaining a Florida Home Health Agency License and learn the related laws and rules which are different and often more stringent than in other states. For example, companions in Florida cannot provide any hands on personal care and home health aides are very limited in their roles.

If you're interested in entering the market, congratulations! The road ahead will be both challenging and very rewarding. Your level of success and ability to recoup your investment will be determined by how quickly your operation reaches optimal performance standards and your ability to obtain referrals. HomeSights Consulting has a track record of success and will ensure you're operational setup for success by:

  • Completing the initial license application packet
  • Assisting with the accreditation process
  • Providing policies and procedures manuals in compliance with Florida home care laws & regulations, Medicare Conditions of Participation and Accreditation standards as applicable
  • Offering a limited number of digital forms for management, client and personnel records and/or making recommendations for purchase as needed
  • Assisting with the development of the prospective agency's Emergency/Disaster Plan in compliance with Florida regulations
  • Training and preparing management staff in your office
  • Completing the 855A (paper or Pecos) with you and forwarding to PalmettoGBA with all the documents and signatures required for Medicare certification if desired
  • Performing mock surveys prior to the official site visit
We've helped a number of entrepreneurs navigate these waters and are confident you will be pleased by our services. Click here and let's talk.

New agencies

  • 99% of our clients passed their initial accreditation survey without receiving any deficiencies. One client had one deficiency as the result of not following our recommendations.
  • Although it is a recognized fact that a high number of deficiencies is not uncommon for the first survey occurring 2-3 years after the initial licensure and/or Medicare certification, this is not the case for our clients having received our comprehensive training during licensure and/or accreditation preparation.
  • 100% (32 clients) have obtained Florida home health agency licensure and accreditation when required. We assisted successfully those who pursued Medicare certification and all became Providers
  • We have met entrepreneurs who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in their attempts to undergo licensure and/or Medicare certification on their own. This takes much longer to achieve when you are not familiar with the myriad of Federal and Florida laws and rules, notwithstanding all of the accreditation standards. Although we cannot state a precise amount, we have prevented significant losses in terms of time without revenues for those entrepreneurs who have embraced the entire process with our help.

Florida Companion Services

Assistance with the application and the set-up of a Homemaker Companion Registration.